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Global Economies, Regional Realities
Much has been written about the dawn of a "new cold war" as the defining fact of geopolitics today. The 2018 US National Defense Strategy, which designated so-called "revisionist powers" of Russia and China as its main geopolitical rivals, is one indication of this development. Yet simultaneously, internal political divisions have grown worldwide. Globally oriented educated populations and the professional politicians representing them face the pauperized working class of the hinterlands across Europe, the US and Asia. What is the economic basis of this division, how does it interact with the recent diplomatic and military developments if at all, and what are the prospects for the emergence of a humane, rational politics which commands credibility with the new regional underclasses of the capitalist world?


Vladimir Pacheco Cueva (Aarhus University)

Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck Institute, Cologne)

Angela Wigger (Radboud University)

Discussant: Christian Joerges (Hertie School)
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