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EAHE Brown Bag Webinar - Developing and Costing a Sustainable, Basic 7-Day Menu: A Tool for Policymakers and Educators to Help Ensure Adequacy in Dietary Intake
In 2019-20, Caritas Malta conducted a study to establish A Minimum Essential Budget for a Decent Living (MEBDL), covering basic necessities for low-income households. This webinar will focus on the food component of the established basket of essential goods and services. It will describe how the Euro amount required for food/eating was determined through the development, testing and costing of three different 7-day menus to suit three different low-income household configurations and keeping in mind sustainability principles and contemporary lifestyles. The end goals were to a) offer evidence and a benchmark for food security policy development, and b) produce a tool for counselling on food budgeting and meal planning. Results supported international research that in low-income households the cost of food accounts for a high share of the household budget. Home Economists can play a very valid role in such research studies, identifying dietary requirements and promoting policies and strategies to maximise nutrient density in dietary intake based on income.
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